Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the record

This post will be of interest only to people who follow the Trilogy Running podcast. The rest of you can ignore it if you like. My race report will be posted tomorrow!

1. I emailed Shawn and Jason to let them know that many listeners, such as myself, are friends with the woman they ranted against in their podcast. I wasn't sure if they knew that, and I thought if they did, they might have handled their rant in a different way. It's easy to bash a person and their ideas when you don't know them 'personally'.

2. I did not, at any time, suggest that they should not rant against low-carb diets or any other topic. I do not have any intent, or interest, in attempting to censor anyone's podcast, and I agree that Trilogy Running has every right to discuss any topic they choose on their podcast. The sole purpose of my email was they let them know that she is a friend to many, in case they didn't know many of us follow her on twitter, because I thought, perhaps foolishly so, that this knowledge might affect how they would publicly react to her podcast.

3. I did ask them if they would consider editing out the rant against her personally, not the topic itself, because I was worried how she'd feel if she heard it. The next morning, when she told me she had heard it, I emailed them back and told them.

I still stand by my email and would write it again. I do understand that there are many of you who think that I should have just have stopped listening and unsubscribed, but I found that extremely difficult to do, for the reasons listed above.

Can you honestly say, that if you heard a friend being publicly bashed, you would not stand up for them in some way, or do something to try to stop them from hearing it? If not, then I question your loyalty. I am not one of those people. And I can tell you, she did not ask me to stand up for her, in fact she likely would have preferred that I didn't. But I made my decision based on the information I had at the time, and I still believe it was the right thing to do. At the time, I thought of Shawn and Jason as fellow podcasters and to some degree, friends that I could appeal to, although clearly that sentiment is not returned.

If anyone has any further questions, they are welcome to email me.

By the way, my feelings about the Buckeye Challenge have been public record to anyone who listens to my podcast.

Thanks, Barb :)


Greg said...

I'm totally and completely with you with TR's podcast, and have talked to you about it in the past.

All that said though, to their credit, they did apologize for calling her names. That was my biggest beef with the whole thing. It's fine to have an opinion, and fine to laugh about it, but they called her out quite a few times. They didn't say her name but they gave the link to her website specifically, then called her names. That's just not right.

With the apology, however, I'm pretty good about the whole thing. :)

Kelownagurl said...

Yes, that's right, and I forgot to mention that I appreciated that they apologized about the heifer comment, or at least for forgetting to edit it out.

Thanks for you comments Greg. :)