Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boston Marathon, and Test Week!

First off,

I want to make a list of all my twitter buddies who are doing Boston on Monday. Wow, congrats to you all! If I've missed any, please email or tweet me and I'll add them to the list. The list will hopefully include bib number and start time.


Josh (SpeedySasquatch) #4385, 10am, 3:00:58
Craig (CraigMacfarlane) #2655, 3:04:02
Justin (Mangorunner) #1985, 10am, 3:08:59
Chris Russell (cyktrussell) #10798, 10am, 3:36:08
Shelly Centis (Smellycents) #16071, 10:30am. 3:37:24
Steve Wisner (Runnermaniac) #12776, 10am, 3:45:01
Megan (Veganrunningmom) #16139, 10:30am, 3:45:20
Mark Ulrich (Texasrunner) 3:50:30
Dennis (Dennisfromohio) #11833, 10am. 4:01:21
Steve Runner (Phedippidations) #27361, 10:30am, 5:01
Mary MacManus (Gracefullady) 22,786, 7:50:43

To tweet live during the marathon, go to on Monday, log in with your regular twitter ID, and go to room #TCS (for Triathlete's Coffee Shop). There you will see a steady stream of people chatting about our friends doing the marathon (using the hashtag TCS.)

Thanks to Coach Adam and Triboomer for setting that up!


Test Week Results:

Bike Time Trial - 3 miles - April 15, 2009

08m 55s 4.84 kms 32.57 KM/hr
Min HR: 80
Avg HR: 172
Max HR: 181
4:30 PM

4.84 km = 3 miles,
32.57 kmh = 20.24 mph

Mar. 17 - Mile 1 - 2:59 avg HR 161, 90 rpm.
Mar. 17 - Mile 2/3 - 6:10, avg HR 176, 91 rpm.

Apr. 14
- Mile 1 - 2:49 avg HR 164, 95 rpm.
Apr. 14 - Mile 2/3 - 6:05, avg HR 176, 94 rpm


One Mile Test Run - April 17, 2009

08m 26s 1.60 kms 05m 16s/KM
Avg HR: 169
Max HR: 180
4:00 PM

For you non-metric folks - that is 1 mile 8:26 seconds.


1000m Test Swim - April 19, 2009

Had a few ups and downs for the swim but it worked out ok in the end.

First of all, got to the pool and tore my swim cap (I had put a small hole in it last time when one of the lifeguards had suggested I tie my key around my ponytail. Don't try it.).

I decided to swim without the swim cap and headed out the pool which was set up for 50m instead of 25m. I specifically had chosen a swim time when it was supposed to at 25m so my time comparisons would be similar. Oh well, will swim anyway.

Did 200m as warm up and the lifeguard asked me to get out. Apparently they had decided to switch the pool to 25m now. (It was supposed to have been done 2 hours earlier.) OK, get out, glad I hadn't already started my test swim.

Decided to go home during the 20 min wait to get another swim cap. Got changed, dressed, drove home (5 min), put on dry swim suit and got cap and headed back to pool.

Did another 50m warm up then started test. 500m, 11:05. Good time - I'm ahppy with that because I'm not going as hard as possible yet. 750m checked watch, too fogged up to see so briefly stopped timer, checked the time, 16:45 - still happy with that, faster than my tri swim time, then turned time back on and finished swim. went harder, hopefully faster.

1000m, still at 16:45. Hmm, guess the timer didn't turn back on. I hate this watch. It has no memory for laps or anything. I'm guessing I was faster but I assumed I kept the same pace which was 2:13-2:14 per 100m. I was kind of hoping for 2:10 but was happy it was still under 2:15. Will keep working on that....

After swim, went out an bought a Timex Ironman Triathlon watch with 30 lap memory. Yeah.

Here's the data from my BT log.

21m 20s 1000.00 meters 02m 08s /100 meters

12:30 PM

Had to guess final time. 500m was 1:05, 750m was 16:45. Not bad. Faster than last year.


sneakersister said...

It looks like it was a good test run! I was wondering how that worked for you.

untpawgal02 said...

ooooh I love 1000 swim time trials :)

Julianne said...

Thanks for listing all the Twitter peeps running Boston! How awesome!!