Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Week Goes By...

Wow, I'm finding it hard to keep up with family, work, training, podcasting, and blogging!

I've had a good week over all and although I did get my pink slip on Monday, it was not a surprise.

Here's a quick training and life recap.

Mon: Rest day (planned due to stress)

Amazingly enough the line was drawn just ABOVE my name so I was the first to be declared surplus, but also the first on the recall list. The chances of being recalled before the end of June are fairly high because people are likely to retire and/or post out of my current school. However, this will not happen until after May 1st so I will be in a holding pattern until then. All of the available positions in our district will be posted on May 1st so I will go thru the process of applying for other jobs and being interviewed. At the same tine, I will likely be offered a position back at my current school. I may have a difficult decision to make. Life is like that. I won't worry about it until/if it happens. So many possibilities, no idea how it will turn out in the end...

Tue: Did a hard 1 hour ride and an easy3.7 km run. Ran 5 min with 1 min walk breaks.

Wed: Easy 1:20 recovery ride, 22km. Missed swim.

Thu: Supposed to be rest day but moved yesterday's swim to today, 45 min, 1200m. 3X100m sets. 2:00-2:10 per 100.

Fri: 45 min run in am, warm up, 2X10 min run with walk break. Also 1:50 min ride down in Oliver, 48 km. Rode the Sprint Tri route as well as the Oliver Half Iron bike route with my friend Paul and his daughter Stephanie.

Sat: 45 min swim, 1200m 3X100m sets 2:01-2:07 per 100m. Also 1:37 easy recovery ride, 29km

Sun: Easter Sunday. Family brunch, too busy to get to the gym/pool before it closed early.

Mon: Still on holiday. Rest day in prep for test week coming up.

Upcoming plan:

Tue: 3 mile TT exactly the same way I did a month ago.

Thu: 1 mile test run

Sat: 1000m test swim.

Not a lot to do, but what I have to do will be hard. ope to see some improvement since last month.

I was really tired today. Had an awful sleep last night - think it was from eating a big dinner, really late. Going to bed eraly tonight - ate really well today and drank lots of water too.

Oh yeah, and I was down to 121.4 on Saturday. Right now, hovering around 121.8.

Hope to get down to 121 by next weekend.


triitagain said...

You are inspiring me with your weight loss. As of right now, sugar and I are no longer on speaking terms! Still loving the podcast, especially your positive attitude!


Kelownagurl said...

Thanks, lately I've felt like I was being a bit negative. Trying not to whine too much lol...

Frenchie said...

I was laid off from my job in December (week before Christmas) so I know how it feels. I'm still looking myself, but I understand the need to "whine". Great job on the weight loss!