Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inaugural Run

The shoes felt great! Like wearing slippers - no pressure anywhere. I cannot believe it.

My shins are still tender and I expect they will be for a while yet until they are completely healed but hopefully, once my body is used to the new shoes, I won't be doing any more damage. I hope.

In the meantime, I will walk/run and only go out every 3rd day until they feel strong.

Diet Update:

I decided last Saturday that I was going to record my eating on Sparkpeople again for a week or two, cut back calories to 1400-1500 per day, and try to lose one pound this week. I'm at 125 and want to get back down to 120.

Overall, I have done really well since then. I've eating about 1400-1600 calories a day, mostly fruit, vegetables, lean protein (chicken, tuna, shrimp, eggs once, and plain yogurt every day), and whole grains - rice, bread. I have also had one piece of chocolate every day and I had a glass of red wine on Saturday. I feel good and have been feeling full enough. My weight went up at first for some reason and then went down again.

Sat - 125 lb
Sun- 125.4 lb
Mon - 125.4 lb
Tue - 126 lb (!)
Wed - 123.8 lb (sigh)

We'll see how it goes. I just want to be down to 124 on Saturday. (And 123 the followin Saturday etc).

Training Update

Sat - I did upper body workout - 3X15 reps- plus 50 pushups and 150 crunches. The rest of the time I spent doing report cards and running around doing errands.

- busy all day, all I could fit in was stretching.

Mon - my first run with the new shoes. Took it easy and only did 3km to be on the safe side.

Tue - upper body workout again (not feeling well in the evening)

Wed - stayed home from work sick so didn't workout.

I've had this gut ache thing every few months and from the reading I've done online, it sounds an awful lot like gall bladder issues (sharpish pain in upper right abdomen, going thru to the back, worse on bending over. Some nausea and general feeling of being unwell.)

Weird thing is, I don't have many of the risk factors other than age/gender. I'm not overweight and my diet is low in fat and sugar, and although I have cut back on calories lately, I have by no means had a sudden weight loss or been fasting. Since they happen very rarely (3-4 times a year), I really don't want to go the medical route because I don't feel it's bad enough to have my gall bladder removed. I need to get my allergy shot next weekend so I will bring it up with my doctor I guess.

Other than that, things are going well. My report cards are done and this is my student teacher's last week so I have to get back to teaching next week. My eye surgery is scheduled for next Thursday, 11th.

I'll be on the Triathlete's Coffee Shop again on Monday night (March 9th, 5:30 pst, 8:30 est) so feel free to drop by the chatroom if you're around. I'm sure I'll be quiet-ish again. I feel out of my element with those guys but it's fun to be there. :)

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sweetsue said...

Hi there...Was reading some of the other blogs and came across yours..
I log my food and exercise on SparkPeople too..It's a good free site..And they have a lot of good
articles too..I am doing it for the
weight lose..I need to lose 30 lbs.
I have lost 5 so far and it sure does feel great..Am curious what kind of new shoes did you get...I
have all kind of feet problems so why I took up walking is beyond me..But love it..Maybe someday a
runner...I just bought new balance and they are pretty comfortable..
but want to get second part..any
hints..Well good luck on your training..from one couch potatoe
to of luck