Monday, March 23, 2009

Long time, no see... haha

Sorry I've been AWOL again.

My eye is pretty good now - pain lasted only a few days and then is was fine. My vision is slowly clearing, varies from day to day and even from hour to hour sometimes. I bought some reading glasses and use them sometimes, mostly when reading a book, but so far I don't need them for the computer. I think I will eventually.

I'm in the middle of my spring beak right now, and loving every minute off. I've been training hard and getting lots of errands etc done. I've lost two lbs sice I started my diet and hope to be down to 122lbs by next Saturday.


Last week, my twitter friend, Brian, helped me set up a training plan for the next 8 weeks, and he has me working like a fiend. I'm loving it!

Here's my past week:

Mon - rest day, getting ready for TT test ride
Tues - warm up, cool down, and 3 mile TT on the trainer to get baseline data.
Wed - 1:30 on the trainer. Zone 2 plus 25 minutes ot isolated leg drills.
- 0:30 plyometrics
Thu - 0:45 run - strides
Fri - 1:30 XT Hiking and yoga
Sat - 1:30 bike (outside!) zone 2
Sun - 1:00 run focus on pace. Sadly, my left glute seized up and I had to bail after 40 minutes.
- 0:30 Gym workout. Was too sore so did 0:15 of upper body weights at home instead.
Mon - 1:00 trainer. Warm up, cool down, and 0:40 at HR 148 bpm, 92 rpm

Wow, lots huh?

This week coming up:

Tues - 0:30 run, with some hill repeats. *Might skip the hill part if glute still hurting)
Wed - REST DAY!!!
Thu - 0:45 swim 1000 m
- 0:45 run strides
Fri - 1:30 XT
Sat - 0:45 swim 1000m
- 2:00 bike zone 2
Sun - 0:45 swim
- 0:45 run strides

I'll try to update my blog at least twice a week from now on.

Thanks for reading!


Lora said...

Glad your eye's better! Way to get in that training during spring break!

untpawgal02 said...

Happy your eye is doing better! Man you sound like you gots some good training ahead of you... enjoy it :)