Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 - Playing it Smart

Well, I got home from work, got into my running gear, headed out for my run, ran 200m, turned around and came home.

It was a toss up to run today or tomorrow, but as soon as I got out there, I could feel the tension in my shins so I opted to wait until tomorrow for my run.

Plan A had been to run easy Tuesday and Thursday, before my race on Sunday. Plan B was to run only Wednesday.  I guess I'm going with Plan B so I'm in top shape on Sunday. My body always needs to be well rested before a race.

In lieu of running, I did 30 minutes of yoga and stretching. Tomorrow will be an easy run and upper body/core work like I did yesterday.


I am facing a great deal of stress at work right now and it's been mentally exhausting. We are in the midst of job action (work to rule) and there is news coming out daily about how that is all going to play out. I am increasingly frustrated with the government, the media, and the general public in their lack of knowledge and subsequent lack of support for teachers and our education system.

Then yesterday, the government announced sweeping changes to our education system that would rely completely on further gutting of our collective agreement. Not surprisingly, they appear to be planning to legislate these changes, rather than negotiate them. I feel sick just thinking about it. No wonder I can't sleep at night...

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