Wednesday, January 26, 2011

By George, I think it's working!

Well I've had five ART treatments with my new favourite chiropractor, Melanie Welder, at Active Living Chiropractic, as well as two IMS treatments with my long time favourite physiotherapist, Roy Gillespie, at Pinnacle Sports Physiotherapy and I've actually seen some serious improvement. I can now pull my left knee up to my chest without pain, I can put on my sox and tie my shoes, and do yoga! I've been faithfully doing my stretches and I'm now back to doing my core and strength workouts. I can run without pain (shin, foot, or hip) and I can ride my bike without groin pain. The only thing I haven't added back to the mix is skate skiing but that's going to change when I go up to Salmon Arm on the first weekend of February.

Some interesting things I've learned.

* My back (spondylolistheses) is definitely a central part of this whole thing. I REALLY need to keep my core strong and my weight in check.

* My foot pain that started on my long run two weeks ago, magically disappeared after my last long run on Sunday. Don't know why, don't care, just glad it's gone. OK, actually I do care why - I noticed that it would go away temporarily every time I had a physio or chiro appt so when it was suddenly better last Sunday night, I decided that my 'cure" was directly related to the treatments I've been getting for my hip/quad/groin. Yay!

* I can know, also magically, touch my toes. I've never been able to touch my toes, as long as I can remember. But now I can. Well, I can after a run or bike workout. In the morning, it's back to 4"-6" away from my toes. Melanie says it's my tight glutes that are the problem - my hamstrings are pretty flexible. My back is could also be to blame when it's tight. So, I will continue to stretch my legs/glutes and strengthen my back.

* I haven't had any shin pain for a long time. Or ITB pain for that matter. Maybe they go into hiding when I'm busy with something else. :) I've been building up my long run slowly, and haven't added speed into the mix at all. I'm just trying to build up my endurance for now. This week I have two 45 min runs mid week and a 1:30 long run planned for the weekend. If I feel ok next week, then I'm over the hurdle. Tentative yay!

* My heart rate is being unpredictable. I've had a hard time keeping it below 160 bpm on my last two long runs (going well into zone 3). I'm well rested and fueled - there's no reason to have a high HR. And then I went for a faster run after work on Tuesday, and my HR stayed in zone 2 the entire time. What gives? I'm curious to see what my Avg HR is on my long run this weekend.

* Diet - I lost 2 lbs but plateaued this week. Been eating 50-75% vegetarian and enjoying it. Still dipping into junk food once in awhile and that is once too often if I want to lose a couple more pounds.


Finishing up Base 1 - Week 1

1/21 - Had my 60 min massage. Did not ride trainer as planned.
1/22 - 90 min on the trainer. W00t!
1/23 - 75 min long run - yahoo!!

Base 1 - Week 2

1/24 - rest day - IMS followed by 20 min stretching and yoga, back sore.
1/25 - 45 min planned run. Felt pretty awesome.
1/26 - ART appt, followed by 45 min on the trainer, followed by upper body strength and stretching, a little yoga before bed. Another woot!

Planned for the rest of the week

1/27 - 45 min run, core and yoga
1/28 - 45 min trainer, upper body and yoga
1/29 - 1:30 long run (swim?), core and yoga
1/30 - 90 min trainer (swim?), upper body and yoga


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your post and your podcast. You are such an inspiration! I am trying to get into shape at my old age of 48. I love cycling and have my Trek 7.9 FX on the Kurt Kinetic trainer combined with workouts at Gold's Gym. I am not in the best of shape but getting there, setting goals, listening to podcasts, reading similar books as you are about fitness.

Many Thanks

Kelownagurl said...

Good for you Bill! That's how I got started, one step at a time, building on what skills I had, and learning new things. And over time, I got in shape. It'll happen - just give it time and keep at it!

Thanks for listening!

k said...

Even though my hamstrings are tight, I'm convinced that most of the reason I can't touch my toes is because my lower back is tight. I'm hoping I'll just magically be able to touch them one day...