Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You NEVER say shutout in a hockey game

Watch out - I'm extremely cranky today. I woke up this morning with shins that are quite sore. Don't know if I can/should run tomorrow or not, and this probably will mess up all my plans for running part of the 70.3 course this weekend.

Coach says no worries on the sore shins - I can just aqua jog instead. I freaking HATE aqua jogging. I already have a hard enough time trying to fit in 3 weekly trips to that stupid cold pool, and now I might have to go MORE often? Gaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! (I know, it's good advice, but I don't have to like it.)

Not only that, I got home too late last night to bike so I moved it today. Then just as I got to the pool today, my son called saying he was locked out of the house, so I had to turn around and head home instead. Now I have a swim AND a bike to get done tonight and I can't even start until 7pm.

You probably didn't need to read all that but if I don't scream, I'm gonna cry.

Someone once asked me how I fit it all in, as a working mother. Well I sometimes I just freaking don't fit it all in.

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Jamie said...

The same shit happens to me too on a regular basis. I have never been able to do more than four days in a row exactly as planned. Flexibility is the key.

Being able to adapt is more important than following your plan like a robot. Think about it. Racing is all about adapting, right? How often does a race go exactly as planned without having to shift priorities to overcome random obstacles?

Oh, and screaming helps too.