Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have 3 loads of laundry to fold before I can find my bed so I decided now would be a good time to catch up on my blog. :)

OK, so I hate laundry. And with swim, bike, run all week, there seems to be SO much of it! I used to be able to do laundry on the weekends, but now I have to do a couple of loads during the week as well. I am looking forward to warmer weather when I can wear less and have less to wash.


My running is going great guns right now. I am loathe to comment in case I jinx it but I guess it's safe to say what's happened in the past so long as I don't predict the future, right?

I am getting a little compulsive about my pre-running routine. It's as if I miss one step, I'll blow it. Since I don't really know hat exactly is helping, I feel like I need to do all of it.

Here are all my steps - don't laugh at me...

Taping - I was using KT Tape to tape my ankle/shins until I ran out. I have ordered more but until it arrives from the states, (over 2 weeks now), I have to use that crappy white physio tape. It rolls up too easily and it just about rips my skin off every time I try to take it off. I can't wait till the KT Tape arrives. I <3 KT Tape.

Zensah Shin Sleeves - I wear them over top of the tape for every run. Now that I am wearing shorts again, it looks like I have black knee socks. So far people have been polite and haven't snickered directly at me. I am so tempted to buy a running skirt, put my hair up in pigtails, and wear my shins sleeves for that "school girl" look....

Warm up - I do an 8-10 min warm up before every run. It's usually about 1 km. I walk for about 3 min, then alternate between high knees and butt kicks for a bit. Then I run 1 min, walk 1 min, run 2 min, walk 1-2 min. By that time, I really feel ready to run steady.

Pace and form - Once I start running I keep a pretty steady pace. I usually run at about 180 bpm (using podrunner as a tempo if needed). I like the quick turnover. I try to keep my body loose and relaxed, head held high, landing on midfoot, feet under my body, hips pulling forward as if a rope were pulling me along, slight lean forward.

I can run for an hour without stopping now and, so far, I have always felt as if I could keep on running by the end of the run. I have not had any ankle or shin pain during my runs for the past 2-3 weeks. Last Sunday, I did have some mild ITB pain at my right knee after a hard-ish bike ride the day before. Since then, I have been doing more ITB stretching and rolling every day and I had no pain on my long run today.

I am still running easy, keeping my heart rate low, at about a 7 min/km pace (11:15 min mile). I did allow myself to run fast for 1 km last Thursday and quite comfortably ran a 5:30 pace (8:45 mile). Didn't want to push it though so I went back to an easy run after that.

Cool down - I walk about 5 minutes at the end of my run.

Stretch - after I run, I stretch hamstrings, calves, ITB, and quads. 3X 30 seconds each leg for each stretch. The time taken is well worth it.

Ice - after I stretch, I ice both my calves and shins. I am going to start icing my IT Band as well I think.

I try to stretch all of those muscles again later that day, at least once before I go to bed and I also use the foam roller at least once a day.

I am taking calcium every day, and Branched Chain Amino Acids and chocolate milk after every hard run or bike ride.

Also, I am still transitioning to my Newtons. Today, I ran 30 min in my New Balance 1063's and 30 min in the Newtons.

Did I mention I don't wear my orthotics when I run? I did buy some more supportive shoes for work and I wear my orthotics whenever I am walking around (heel striking). I don't wear them when I run (forefoot running).

So somewhere in there, is the right combination of things that are allowing me to run longer without pain.

I'll keep at it - somehow I am going to be able to run for 2:30 in June, I just know it!


Ian Charters said...

Great to read your running is going so well (:

AirForceTed said...

Well done. Your running is really coming along great! Whoever is giving you advice is doing a bang up job :)

Lois Lane 33 said...

This sounds like a lot of work for a run. I've had IT band issues and doing exercises that strengthen my hips does help manage the issue. I also still do my Bosu ball exercises my PT made me do...

I hope you work it out so all you need to do is put on a pair of shoes, stretch a little, and run.