Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010


All that stuff I said I had to do? Well I did it.

Shins are feeling great. Itching to run. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait....

Shoulder has been a bit achey but seems to be better today. It was achey from swimming lots but then on Thursday I tried to "skin the cat" on the monkey bars at school and apparently I'm heavier than the average 8 year old and found it a bit more difficult to get my legs up on the 5' high bar. Pulled something. Owie. LOL...

Totals last week:

Swam 3:45, 6900m
Pool run 1:30
Bike 66km, 2:30

Plan for this week:

Mon: Swim 2400m (today)
Tues: Bike 1:30ish. TT Lactate Threshold test. Sounds painful.
Wed: Swim 2500m
Thurs: Bike 1:10, pool run 1:00
Fri: Off
Sat: Bike 1:30, Pool run 1:10
Sun: pool run 1:20 (gonna see if I can talk him into letting me do a real run instead...)


skierz said...

enjoy the lactate test! it certainly will let you now what you have got in the tank! good to hear your shins are getting better!

Mike Russell said...

Keep those shins healthy. That has been a real battle for you.

I enjoy your Twitter updates. Keepin' it classy... ;)

Kelownagurl said...

Classy is my middle name... ;P

LT test was fun. Haha.....