Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

Hi, I'm back. Sorry, got busy with training and podcasting and work.

Also, I've been blogging behind your back, I'm a "blogging two-timer" so to speak. My buddy Quadrathon asked me to guest-write on his extremely famous blog (he gets hundreds, if not 1000's of hits every day) whereas my blog get sabout 25-30 (and most of them are accidents lol).

Anyway here's the link to my guest spot Quadrathon's Blog Topic: "So you want to be a triathlete!" Go leave a nice comment so Stuart doesn't think it was a bad idea to ask me. ;)

Training Update:

After my Garmin fiasco last Thursday, I had a rest day on Friday.

Saturday I was back at it with my first run after a 2 1/2 week lay off. I felt a bit tight but ok.

38m 55s 5.00 kms 07m 47s/KM
Avg HR: 145
Max HR: 160
11:00 AM

I decided to go without the orthotics and see how I felt. Easy run 11:30 WU. 5/1. 6:30-6:55 pace. 5 min cool down.

Later that day, I went on first road ride of the year! In February no less!

1h 55m 15s 45.25 kms 23.56 KM/hr
Avg HR: 150
2:00 PM


First rode ride! Partly cloudy, 9C. Toes got cold. Full gear.

Garmin crapped out on me again. No data in history, nothing will upload. The data was lost on my Garmin but I was finally able to get the upload working. I won't know if it worked or not until my next run though. Garmin has agreed to replace if it it wont' start working reliably.

Sunday was a one hour pool run, hopefully my last of the running lay off.

Monday I was back at the pool to swim.

1h 15m 2500.00 meters 03m /100 meters

2:00 PM

600 warm up (2x: 200 swim/50 kick/50 drill)
8x50 w/:30 sec rest (descend stroke count 1-4, 5-8)
6x50 kick w/:30sec rest
4x150 pull w/:45 sec rest (3/5/3 breathing pattern by 50)
8x25 @ :50 (descend 1-4, 5-8)
2x125 w/:30 rest (free swim)
100 cool down

Tuesday, I got to run again.W00t, w00t!

35m 4.60 kms -----

5:00 PM

8 min warmup (1 km) , mostly walking w/ a couple 1 min runs.
Did rest (3.6km) with two 1 min walk breaks.
Run pace was about 6:40km or 10:45 mile (not including walk breaks).
Ran a familiar path - didn't have Garmin.
Felt really good tho.
Stretched before and after. Ice shins/calves after too.

This week

This week is a busy stressful week with parent-teacher interviews today and tomorrow, followed by a busy Professional Day on Friday. After work, Erik and I are heading to Salmon Arm for a weekend away so my training schedule will really be messed up.

Coach gave me today and Thursday as rest days but I got home around 6pm tonight and felt really great. My legs, shins etc felt perfect and I wasn't tired, so I did one rotation of the Core Strength workout before I caved due to hunger. About 25 minutes or the same workout I did about 10 days ago.

I'm supposed to run Friday but I'm going to do it tomorrow instead because my day was shortened with a couple of families moved their interview times. I'm going to do another easy 30 min on a grassy sports field while my son is at guitar lessons tomorrow afternoon.

Friday - I'll have a rest day.

Saturday - I'm going to ask if I can run while I'm away if I'm feeling ok.

Sunday - I have a swim/bike brick. I will have to swim , get dressed, drive home, and then bike so it won't be a true brick. I'll ride outside if the weather cooperates, or on the trainer if it's raining or cold.

So that's about it. You probably won't hear from me again until next week. I'm not going to put out a show this weekend either.

Thanks for reading!

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triitagain said...

So glad to hear that your running is going well! Enjoy your weekend away. Keep up the good work, Spring will be here before we know it.