Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Plan, again...

First off, to all those friends who don't follow me on Twitter, yes, I did win the Axe contest! (Yahoo!) and by quite a margin I might add. Thanks to all of those who voted for me. As for the newest BBOR running contest, I have already submitted a photo of me in thongs so I don't feel it necessary to enter this time round. :)


As for my running, and that is why I'm here after all, it is sucking again. I'm not whining, honest, I'm just re-adjusting my plan yet again.

I ran 12 km last weekend, as I had mentioned in my last post, but my lower legs were quite sore for the following week and overall, it was not worth pushing myself. I did a walk/run with my daughter on Tuesday and it was a good thing I had promised to go out with her because I couldn't have run anyway. In fact, just the one minute run segments set me back in my recovery the next day. I had a lot going on at school this week so it was easy to skip my Thursday run anyway - no time, no energy, and sore legs.

I was optimistic that my Saturday run would be better but had no expectations for how long I'd be able to run. I decided to do the 3-4 km loop around the neighbourhood and see how I felt, and then do it 2-3 times if all was well. However, after 3km, I started having gut problems and had to pack it in and come home after only 4 km. This 'spasm' was a new symptom, and it only lasted about 15 minutes or so, but I definitely did not feel like going back out and trying again after it was over.

Things I have Learned

• I am still building up miles too fast for my 'mature" yet inexperienced body.

• I cannot 'run through the pain". It does not work for me. I can do it biking no problem but not running.

• I have not figured out the GI issues yet but I have been able to run for longer times without problems a few times so I am optimistic I will figure out the right food/exercise/timeofday combination that works for me eventually.

• I cannot do a half marathon on October 12. I may not be able to do a 10k if I'm not careful.

• I need more sleep. Every night.

• I still like running despite these problems and will continue to persevere.

The New Plan

• Continue running 3 times a week.

• Do two easy runs mid week (probably T and Th), 5 km, or less if necessary

• Do one long run on the weekend aiming for 8-10km every week until that becomes easy. Then move up to 10-12km for as long as it takes to feel good with that. My goal is to take forever to build up to 20km. Whatever it takes.

• When I start hurting, I will walk. When it hurts to much, I will stop.

• Stretch, do strength exercises, and build up the muscles that are out of balance.

• Do the PT exercises.

Wish me luck. :)


MarathonChris said...

Sounds like a sensible plan to me! I think you are still adjusting to the new fall schedule.

Sleep is biggest struggle :-)

Hang in there, you will find something that works for you.

Nicole said...

Good plan of just listening to your body more.
Sorry to hear your GI issues are still a problem, hopefully you find the right combo of things.