Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grand Theft Auto

September is a hectic time of year and I'm tired with rush of being back at work. Mornings are the hardest - it's go, go, go for an hour straight as I rush to get myself and a 10 year old boy ready for school. So you can imagine our frustration when we head out to the car and it's not there. Well shit. Where the hell is it? We scratch our heads, wondering if we parked it somewhere else and just forgot? So I called the police and then called the school to see if someone could come and pick us up since we're only 3km away. We briefly contemplated riding our bikes to school but quickly remembered that Jesse's mountain bike had been in the van and was now gone as well. By the time we got to school, it was almost bell time so I had to go straight into the classroom and try to put all thoughts of my van aside.

I am so furious that someone has done this to us - furious, violated, scared, and angry. It was only 6 weeks ago that the 10 hp motor was stolen off the boat in our driveway and now this. We've been trying really hard to be a one vehicle family for the past year and now we have to drive around in a little compact car for the next 22+ days while the police try to find the van and the insurance company tries to figure out the lowest blue book price for our van. I am crossing my fingers that they find in the next couple of days and that any damage is minor.

I went for a 4.8km run on Sunday and a 5.3km run on Tuesday. On Sunday, I had to insert walk breaks ever 5 minutes, and on Tuesday, I felt a bit better and only had one walk break mid run. I was supposed to run today but my throat is sore and I'm tired and my stupid eyes are really fatigued this week since I went back to work. (I hate wearing contacts.)

So I guess this is just a big whiny post. Sorry about that. Some weeks are just like that. :P

Update 7pm, Friday night: Got a call from the police that my van was found undamaged in the rural hills not far from my home. Not even any damage to the ignition which is weird but they say Dodge Caravans are easy to steal. They didn't mention the bike and I forgot to ask but I'm guessing it's gone. I will go drive around the area and see if it was dumped anywhere. The towing company has it now, ICBC will have to check it over. Not sure when I'll get it back, maybe not until after the weekend but anyway, YAYAYAYAY!!!!


MarathonChris said...

Wow, that is really rough! You have whining rights! Hope they find the van - what an inconvenience!

Crime has really gone up lately with the tougher economy - and we are finding home invasions closer to home as well - and stuff stolen out of our cars right in the driveway.

Hang in there!

gabsatrucker said...

Oh my gosh, I'm glad your vehicle was found so quickly--and unharmed. We had some acquaintances that had their home broke into 3 years ago, the thieves took almost everything that wasn't nailed down but they were apprehended later in the day and everything except the cash was recovered. Total random thing, they were just driving by, saw the house and decided to break in--it was also in broad daylight.

Hope everything gets better!

Paul said...

Holy smokes! So glad it was found unscathed. We've had vehicles broken into but never stolen.
Glad you didn't have to hagle with ICBC on vehicle value... not fun.

Karin said...

So glad they found your van - with no damage!