Friday, August 13, 2010

Zoot Triathlon Bag Review

A few months ago, I picked up a Zoot Triathlon Bag at my local tri shop (Fresh Air Concept). It was a bit pricey at $159.99, but I really wanted something that would carry ALL my gear to and from a race. This bag does all that, and more. It is exceptionally well built with high quality zippers and pulls, the backpack harness is adjustable and feels very supportive if you actually have to walk around with it for any length of time, and it tons of storage spaces.

The back of the case has "ribs" sewn in for extra strength and support, and the lumbar strap at the waist is attached by velcro and can be easily adjusted. It opens in half like a suitcase, and it has several pockets that open on the outside as well as inside. There is even a removable wetsuit / wet gear bag inside.

I am able to fit everything I need for a triathlon in this bag and still have room to spare. On the right, you can see one shot of the bag without anything in it.

Below is all the stuff I need for a race that can easily fit into the bag. Fully packed with this gear, the bag weighs about 14 lbs. There is still room to tuck in additional items such as extra clothing.

See below each picture for comments. You can click each picture for a larger view.

I am missing my Body Glide in this shot. :)

The wetsuit slides into this removable water proof zippered bag. Here's my wetsuit partway in. I usually throw my goggles on top of the bag, once it's zipped up.

Once closed, this section will keep your wet stuff separated from your dry stuff.

The wetsuit section is under the silver on the right. You can see three zippered net pouches on the two sides. I keep a variety of items in these and as you can see, there is room for more.

The left side has an upper and lower zippered section handy for keeping shoes and clothing. I'm not too big so I can fit both running and biking shoes in there.

In the upper section, I have my towel and my tri top, socks, and shorts. I could easily fit more clothing in here such as extra socks, a jersey and a vest

Once the bag is zipped closed, there is access to the other compartments - this form-fitting section holds my bike helmet (and anything that might fit inside the helmet.) The top section has a space for ID, papers, wallet or ? and has a built in "gear" list printed right on the flap.

In addition to a zipper, there are straps that click shut and hold the two halves together, and you can always hang stuff from these straps as well. A water bottle holder is on one side, and a small flat pocket for papers etc is on the other side. There is a pouch on the waist band and an ipod earbud cord hole in the top the bag.

Overall, I think think this is really good bang for your buck if you are looking for a well-made, roomy, versatile travel bag.


Glenn Jones said...

Wow! Very nice! This is a product that was ell thought out by Zoot.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Nice review - I've been thinking of getting a transition bag, so will definitely consider this one.

jason said...

This is very cool, and I am sure I could pack it that neatly but at the end of the race I would never get all the back in. I just use a big backpack and toss everything in. That said I wish I was neater and so does my wife.

Heather said...

It looks amazing, but I'm a cheap-o and I'd rather buy new running clothes or shoes and then just through all my crap in a regular bag. If I had the cash, I'd definitely buy something like that and keep it all organized, and it seems beneficial to have the compartments since you'd know if you were missing something.

Good luck at Apple!

John Meldrum said...

Great review and love the bag Also need to explain my how many events one needs to do before they are a triathlete. My answer is zero. If you do the work, train to swim, bike and run events don't matter. Lots of people see themselves as cyclists, golfers, tennis players etc but never formally compete. To me it is the effort not the event, just an opinion!

cloudveil said...

Great bag all purpose. I wish i have one. I think I like that bag, as of now I'm planning to buy too.

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

I was looking at the Rocket back from Rocket Sciece but they are just a pricey and I do not want to come off the $$. Are tri bags really worth it?


Overland Park gym said...

Awesome bags, love to see that, and also your blog, well build, good work.

Anonymous said...

Good review, thanks for doing it