Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sprint? Oly? Sprint? Oly? Hmmmmm....

So my "A" race this summer is supposed to be the Kelowna Apple Triathlon on August 22, 2010. The Apple was my first triathlon ever (2008) and this year it will be my 3rd time doing it, and my 6th tri in all.

In 2008, I did the sprint and I had a time of 1:30:04. I did well on my swim and bike and had a so-so run time of 29:45.

In 2009, my swim was a bit faster, my bike was a bit slower due to wind, and I had ITB issues on the run so ended up with a fairly crappy overall time of 1:33:11. (To be fair, I had spent 3 weeks of July's prime training time in France so I wasn't as prepared to race as I could have been.)

Now I head into 2010 as a much stronger runner, having run 27:35 at my last sprint in May, and I have the potential to PR the race this year. I could come in at 1:28 if I had a good day.

However, I have also been toying with the idea of doing the olympic distance this year, just for the fun of it. I've never done an oly and it might make a nice change of pace. It would also take the self-imposed pressure off because the oly is much more competitive than the sprint and there's no way I can finish in the top half of my age group, let alone podium, so I should be able to just get out there, have fun, and do my best.

So what should I do? Here are the Pros and Cons as far as I can see them.

Do Sprint (750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run)

* A chance to PR - finish under 1:30 - but only if I get my bike strength back where it belongs.
* I'm good at that distance.
* I've been having some minor running pains so 5k is more manageable than 10k.
* Starts earlier and finishes sooner so I don't have to run in the heat (done by 9:o0 am)

Do Olympic (1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run)

* First time for that distance - try something new!
* Less pressure because it's my first time.
* I know I can do the distances - 1500m, 40k, 10k.
* Main negative is that the race starts later, (9 ish) so I won't be done until 12 - running in the heat of the day.

So what do you think? Sprint or Oly?

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Doug said...

Go Olympic for one reason, because you can! Not all of us have reached the point where we have the choice.

LongRunr said...

I'm often considered a touch crazy, but I say go for the oly! Test yourself a bit, explore your range and enjoy the freshness of something new.


Sheila said...

Really, this is something you have to decide. I kind of like Oly, myself. But concern about the heat and distance on the run isn't something to disregard.

Jasminn said...

Totally go for the Oly :)
If only because it'll give you a new goal time to beat next year :)

Anonymous said...

Go for it but enjoy the day. signed the RD.

Susan Knight said...

I'm a fan of the Oly distance.. why not give it a shot!

Kabekona tri girl said...

I'm leaning toward sprint. With the ITB issues you've been having you don't want to aggrivate it further which the longer run could do. This is your A race and thus you want to kick arse. Sign up for another race, Oly distance and just have fun with that one and kick butt on the sprint.

Stuart said...

Go Long grasshopper!

Chris K said...

Go big or go home

The Crazy Runner said...


Automatic PR! New Challenge! Nice to step outside your comfort zone! Youll be upset if you do the Sprint and DO NOT PR!!

Jeff said...

I care about your running issues... take care of your bod with the sprint as necessary. If your legs are good, do the oly (you've done a half-iron! - push the distance).

Mauricio Sanchez said...

Tough to give advise on this one question, for we all have different goals. What's more important at this point for you... is to go out and have fun? Or is it to go out and kick butt? Or is it to have fun while kicking butt? Just because you're going our to have "fun" at an Oly doesn't mean you're not going to kick butt! Oh, what the heck, I say... Oly!

Ian Chitson said...

Go olympic. A new challange and something new to keep you motivated.

Jennifer said...

Sprint unless your running is back to 100% (or close).

I love shorter distances for speed. They are no less challenging than longer-- just a different challenge.