Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Challenge

Well, it's the off-season for me and I need a challenge. Carlos, The Jackal, was telling me how he gets 10 hours of cardio a week and it got me to thinking that I really do need to get more cardio now that the season is over. I doubt I can do 10 hours a week (or should I say I choose not to), but I think 30 minutes for 6 days a week is doable. It'll be hard though - some days I cannot find an extra minute in the day and I really don't like to do cardio too late in the evening or it affects my sleep. But, I will try. If I miss a day, I'll make it up by doing extra on the weekends.

Lybbe and stplatt are both taking the challenge with me and so far, they are doing better than I am. I ended up bailing on the first two days of the challenge due to one thing or another at work. A stressful situation that have been more or less resolved now, caused some sleepless nights, and I couldn't get up the energy to do cardio in the evenings on those days. But this weekend I made up for it.

Oct. 1 - nothing

Oct. 2 - nothing

Oct. 3 - 42 min run - 20 min rowing - 15 min elliptical - 20 min stationary bike. 30+15 min stretching/yoga (90 min total cardio and 45 min stretching)

Oct. 4 - 30km 1:35 easy bike ride, 30 min stretching/strengthening

Here are a few pics from my 75 km ride last weekend.

Here's the 3rd largest airplane in the world.

An alkaline dust storm on Robert's Lake.

Riding along the windy boardwalk.

More to come later. I gotta catch some zzzz's right now....

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Jamie said...

Wow. Great views in that last pic!

The off season is fun because specificity isn't as important and you can be creative and count a lot more things as training than the swim/bike/run.