Friday, September 4, 2009

Last weekend of the summer...

I've had a busy two weeks since my race and have mainly focused on running, and getting ready for school.

After my race on August 23rd, I took a few days off to rest my sore body and then:

Thu, Aug 27 - I ran 3.5 km. My shins hurt at the end so I stretched and iced. Still stiff but ok.

Sat, Aug 29 - I ran 8.3 km on the trail above my house. I hiked up the first 1.3 km, then ran for 30 mins. My HR was really racing and I felt breathless at that point so I walked the rest of the way home. I think it was a combination of heat and fatigue. My ITB also started to tighten up by the last 2 km as well but since I was walking, it wasn't really an issue. Stretched and iced shins when I got back.

At this point I decided to do some easy short runs (3-5 km) every 2nd day instead of 3 times a week, and one long run on the weekends for the next few months, in order to build up my running stamina. I'll do a 10 km run or longer for the World Wide Festival of Races (Oct, 10/11) and if I'm lucky, I hope to do the New Balance Half Marathon in Vancouver on November 15!

Mon, Aug 31 - 3k run in am, felt stiff, sore. Ran 9/ walked 1. Iced shins after.

Wed, Sep 2 - 4.3k run in am, still felt a bit stiff. 1 km WU then 3 km at 11 min mile pace. Felt ok. Iced shins after, wore shin sleeve.

Fri, Sep 4 - Felt crappy all day, had long nap in afternoon, then felt better around 6 pm so went for a run. Did 5.3 km and felt pretty good. 1 km WU then 4 km steady at 11:30 min mile pace. I wore my shin sleeve during my run, and also tried out an ITB Strap so see how it felt. I plan to wear the strap for my long runs only until the issue is resolved. I will continue with stretching and using the foam roller as well.

During the week, I've also been doing some stretching and yoga but nothing on a planned/regular basis. This is my last week of vacation so I plan to get back into a schedule when school starts on Sept. 8th.

My goals include:

• Run every 2nd day if I can fit it in, and then do a long run on the weekend.

• Add 1-2 km to my long run every weekend, cutting back every 4 weeks.

• Continue stretching and using the foam roller.

• Ice shins after every run until they are no longer a problem. Wear shins sleeve during and after.

• Wear ITB strap on long runs.

• Return to healthy diet 90% of the time on Sept. 8th, and maintain weight throughout the winter. No more than 3 lbs gain over Christmas. (I'm up 3 lbs right now so must lose that again by mid-Oct)

• Plan strength and conditioning workouts to be done on alternate days, focus on core.

• Use the gym and home equipment.

• Bike and swim for fun when I have time.

• Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Go to bed earlier during the school week.


I finally got into my classroom on Aug 26 and spent about 16 hours in the next 3 days, unpacking and setting up. The school will be open but not finished on the first day of school. Should be pretty exciting. I have a beautiful room with vaulted ceilings and open beams. Everything is clean and new and bright - so nice. The staff is young and fun - I'm really going to enjoy them. I'm about the 2nd oldest on staff now. Weird.

Here's the view from my desk.

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