Friday, August 21, 2009

Race Plan

Getting closer, starting to get major butterflies every time I think about the race. Why do I get SO nervous?

So here's what I did this week:

Tues - 750m swim at Gyro. Went into the lake in wetsuit for first time this year. Felt ok, a few minor panics but nothing serious. Didn't swim hard but managed to do 750m in just under 18 min.

Tues - Ran 4 km on the road. Did 1 km warm up then 2 km fast, then 1 km cool down. Pace 5:31 and 5:44 per km. 8:52 and 9:13 per mile. Not bad but I couldn't do that after a hard bike, nor could I maintain that pace over 5 km. Shins hurts like stink after. Did ice bath and stretching.

Wed - Rode one lap of the tri bike course in 22:30. went easy at first, then hard on the hills. Did Knox in 2 min (good), and overall time was ok but hard to tell what it'll be like on Sunday.

Thurs - took it easy, no more running or biking till the race. Iced shins twice, stretch well twice. Picked up race package. Got biked tires checked. Cleaned bike. Oiled chain.

Today - Took it easy all day. Bad headache off and on from braces adjustment yesterday. Hope it's gone by Sunday. Shins feeling better today. Iced them again. Stretched in evening.

Tomorrow - Will swim the course at 1 pm, go to race meeting at 3 pm, and drop bike off at T1 at 4 pm. Then a relaxing evening at home, and early to bed.



The night before
• high carb, low fat, low fiber meal, water, sleep.
• bag and backpack ready
• clothes laid out
• breakfast food ready
• calm, focussed, relaxed (LOL, yeah right)

Sunday Morning

4:30 Get up, eat yogurt and banana, coffee, water
5:40 Leave house, drive, park, set up transition
6:00-6:30 Body marking
7:10-7:15 Short warm up swim
7:30 My wave start


My Bike
• on the bike – garmin, bento box, underseat bag (dropped at T1 Sat night)
• bento box – puffer, kleenex
• underseat bag – tube, 2 CO2, tire levers, bike tool
• helmet – sunglasses, race belt

What I'll wear

•tri top, shorts, HRM, watch, sandals, track suit if it's cool, hat, ponytail, sunglasses

In my bag
• runners, bike shoes, 2 sox, pink polka dot towel, wet suit, swim cap, goggles, body glide, hand towel, extra water bottles, puffer, hammer gel, hand held bottle, helmet, race belt, take extra jersey/vest?

In backpack with Erik
• camera
• recorder
• blackberry
• food
• jacket
• tylenol
• cell phone
• TP
• choc milk


Before – T1/2 set up, body mark, warm up, HRM on, body glide, wetsuit, watch, ponytail, swim cap, goggles, leave sandals, turn on garmin, at 7:00am eat 1 hammer gel, sip water, use puffer, then warm up swim.

T1 set up – pink polka dot towel, helmet, garmin, race belt #580, bike shoes, garmin on, hand towel, water bottle, Nuun bottle, hand held bottle in case.

Just before entering water, start timer on watch. Check it! LIne up about 1/3 back from front.

Exiting water - fill suit with water, hit lap button watch, lift goggles, take off top of wetsuit (all while running). Goal: Anything less than 18 minutes will be great.

At T1 - take off wetsuit, goggles, cap. Put on bike shoes, helmet, sunglasses, race belt. Have a drink. Run with bike. Start Garmin/hit lap button on watch if I can. Get on bike, clip in, ride fast.

On Bike
– get HR under control, drink, climb hard, push on flats, spin a bit before 2nd climb, lap button on 2nd lap if I can, go hard, drink. Hit lap button at end of bike. Goal: 30 kmh avg, 20 min lap or faster.

T2 set up
- runners, sox ready in runners, hat, extra water/Nuun, hand bottle, small towel, race belt, adjust ponytail

Bike to Run – run with bike, hit lap button on watch/Garmin if I can, rack bike, helmet off, shoes off, sox and runners on. Grab Garmin off bike. Drink. Carry hat, sunglasses, garmin. Starting running – adjust ponytail, hat on, sunglasses on. Lap button on watch and Garmin at start of run, and each km if I want to.

Take hand held water bottle if very thirsty.

On Run – steady, HR under control, 6:00 pace – 1st km. Pick it up each km. Goal: 5:30-6:00 km avg? (27-28 minutes)


Extra stuff
Extra set of clothes in case

OK, that's all I can think of right now. I will be adding more as I remember things.

Goal Times - not really sure this year:

Swim: 18 minutes (assuming it's the same distance as my last tri)

T1: 3 Minutes (long run to T1)

Bike: 40 minutes (or less I hope)

T2: 1:30

Run: Tough to guess, hopefully under 30 minutes.

18+3+40+1+30 = 1:32 Max

Last year my time was 1:30:04. I suspect I'm pretty close to the same fitness for the swim and run, probably a bit slower on the bike. Hopefully a bit faster on T1 and 2.

Last year there were 11 women in my Age Group, this year there are 24! Some of them are serious contenders. No real hope for a AG place this year but I will have fun!


Sheila said...

I think it's interesting that you get to drop your bike off for T1 the day before. Both local tris I've done so far you have to do it the morning of the race. Good list of stuff. I made a list for my tri, too. I just didn't post it online. Nor did I make a time schedule for my morning. Glad, because it wouldn't have gone as I wrote because the line for transition at my last tri took way too long and would have screwed everything up. Also they opened the swim area for practice really late and I had wanted to practice swim at 6:30 but it wasn't possible since they didn't open it. Actually, I guess I had a sort of timeline in my head. lol.

Looking at your "plan" I guess I did do all that type of stuff (I did estimate my finish times and so on) I just didn't write it all down.

Looks like a good plan. Have fun!

Kelownagurl said...

Yeah, there are 1600 bikes in transition area so we have to bring them in between 4-8 pm the night before. They are guarded overnight. Everything else gets set up on the morning tho.

I based my times on the same race last year but I am flexible. Lots of things can change and I can roll with it.

I was afraid to write down my estimation times - it's such a shot in the dark this year. We shall see tomorrow!