Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Training Plan

Well now that school's out and my time is my own, I needed to think through how I am going to train these last few weeks. I conferred online with my good friend and tri guru, Coach Wahine, and we came up with the following plan. Because I don't need to follow a 7 day week plan, I may throw in a rest day of two here and there as needed. Workouts in bold are high intensity and I need to recover from them.

Day 1 - brick 10K hard bike, 10-20 min hard run

Day 2 - long easy swim

Day 3 - easy run (3-5k)

Day 4 - long bike 30-40+ km, include tri route, but don't go all out.

- extra rest day here if needed

Day 5 - long run 7-10k, easy swim

- extra rest day here if needed

Day 6 - hill repeats - climb first section of Knox a number of times

Day 7 - swim - work on pacing

General Training Update

I had another good lake swim on Monday morning. I went down to Gyro beach this time and went out to about chest depth. Because the water was fairly calm, I had no trouble swimming at all, and felt quite comfortable right away. I swam the width of the beach and back twice, about 800m I'm guessing, but I'll admit I didn't go out over my head. I hope I can gather up the courage to do that next time. If I can convince Erik to come out with me for awhile, on the air mattress or something, then I'll probably be ok. He's just not too interested in going out into the water early in the morning. Maybe I should buy him a wet suit, lol...

I headed out to gyro again this afternoon, mostly to take Jesse swimming, but the wind was so strong that the waves were huge and I didn't even bother to venture into the water. If I don't get out tomorrow, then I will for sure on Friday.

My shins and lower legs are still hurting from the race on Saturday. I've been icing them every night, and stretching lots but they're still tender. I don't see the PT until Monday - can't wait to get this shin thing resolved. Argh. I really hope they feel better tomorrow because I want to do a brick workout. If not, I'll do a really short easy run 1-2km, and see how it goes, and maybe a longer bike ride.

I've spent more hours in yard work 'cross training' than anything else this week but we've managed to haul away 20+ full garden bags to the dump. The back looks awesome now! Well that's all for now.

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Paul said...

For some reason I thought you were already signed up for the Apple tri. You're going to be fine and do great.
I'm signed up for the Peachland tri next Sun. (20th) I know it's short notice but I bet you could easily handle that one to. :)